Rick Hopkins

Rick and Odessa Hopkins are Cashflow Strategists. They specialize in helping employees and home-based business owners increase their cashflow and lower their taxes by Income Shifting, participating in Capitalism and becoming Producers, not just Consumers.

Co-founder Odessa Hopkins is the face of the company, with over 20 years assisting small, woman and minority business owners, and working with clients from startups to multi-billion dollar revenue generating enterprises through her company of 10 years, Another Approach Enterprises(AAE).  Odessa put AAE on hold to join her husband in creating Black Income Shifters. She serves as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Co-founder Rick Hopkins, a 30-year senior executive with the largest non-profit organization in the country, fills the dual roles of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

The Hopkins learned and applied Income Shifting and Cashflow strategies to become debt free, max out their retirement account and create investment accounts, but not before overcoming severe financial challenges themselves. They created Black Income Shifters™, and Income Shifters Academy™, to help other everyday, hard-working Americans create better lives for themselves, their families and their communities, regardless of their income levels, education or financial challenges.

Odessa Hopkins

The Hopkins are #1 Amazon Best Selling Authors of Black Income Shifters. In addition, Rick Hopkins has written four books on the subject of cashflow management, including a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

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