Use the IRS Tax Codes to Put More Money In Your Paychecks – LIVE ONLINE

The IRS Provides the Allowances and Incentives to Increase Your CashFlow.  Are you taking advantage of them?

According to the IRS, 80% of Americans are overpaying in taxes by an average of $3120. That’s $260/month. Could you use another $260 per month in your Paycheck…Every Month?

You Don’t Need FAKE Dependents. You need REAL Allowances!

The IRS also states that instead of Americans getting back a Tax Refund, and using it as a “forced saving”, a better option may be to get the money back year-round and use it to pay down debt, save or invest. Again, this is according to the IRS, not Black Income Shifters.

So, if the IRS recommends getting more of your money back in your paycheck, why are 80% of us NOT doing just that. Well, people are so fearful of doing the wrong thing, that they do the wrong thing! And, although the IRS provides great advice on getting your money back into your paycheck, and a nice little calculator on their website to help you calculate your allowances, it’s still not line-by-line of the form.  Many human resource personnel do not provide the top part of the form and, even more, fail to provide Page 2 of the form. They also do not walk you through the form. Hence the Overpayment, in Every Paycheck, of Income Tax!

Take Home More Money

REGISTER, Print the W4 Form (Pages 1 & 2) and Join Us Online. Small steps, for big rewards!

Don’t just take our word for it. ALL of these sites offer the same information, but we provide the hands-on, line-by-line Solution…FREE!

Take Home More Money

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